Sunday, June 17, 2012

cute video

Jett makes this duck lip face all of the time and I LOVE it!! He is so cute! I am so in love with him. As much as his screaming drives me crazy, I little bit want him to stay this age forever. He is just so funny and sweet and CUTE!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Most of the pictures from Disneyland are on Ben's phone. Instead of wait until they are on the computer I decided to just post some of the ones I had on my camera. So here is a little peek into our Disneyland trip. It was really fun! The kids loved it!! We can't wait to go back! If I ever get the rest of the pictures maybe I will write a little bit about it, but for right now it is just pictures.
The morning before we left. They were so excited!

Dutch loved meeting the characters! 

Jett LOVES Jessie but seeing her in person was a little overwhelming!

This boy was a trooper. His naps got so messed up but he was a happy boy most of the time.

Buzz charmed a smile out of Jett.

It was so fun to have Ben's parents with us!

Jackson was our guide.

Dutch loves everything princess!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

new hair

It was time for a change. So red it is. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Dutch is most definitely still a little trouble maker! She hides and paints the bathroom with toothpaste, she eats anything and everything that isn't food (especially animal fluff), and she draws on everything. But she is also the sweetest little girl ever! She is full of the sweetest compliments. She is always telling me how comfortable and beautiful everything is. At dinner, if she likes it, she will always say, "Mom don't forget that this is the most wonderful dinner ever!". It is the sweetest thing coming out of her little mouth because she can't say her R's and she is so sincere about it. She is always telling people how pretty they are and how great they look. "Kallie, I love your hairstyle today!" I just love her so much! She is a doll. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's snowing

This morning we woke up to three or four of inches of snow. It was everywhere! I park under a parking structure and my car was covered. Not just one side,  but the front, back, top, and both sides. The wind must have been blowing like crazy all night. So even though our little patio is covered it had accumulated enough snow for playing. My kids do not get to go outside and play in the snow very often because we don't have a fenced yard and I don't like to be in the snow/cold. This snow covered patio was the perfect opportunity for the little ones to go outside and play while Jackson was in school. I bundled them up right over their pajamas and sent them out. They had a blast. I don't know where the hat that Jett is wearing came from, but it is a bit ridiculous and oh so cute. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

story time

Our life has a pretty crazy schedule. Ben goes to school full time and works full time. That doesn't leave a lot of time for home. Some terms are better than others. His schedule this term isn't too bad. We get to see him every morning and every night right before the kids go to bed. There are a couple of other times during the week that we get to sneak an hour or two here and there. He is great about making the best of his time with the kids. He gives them all sorts of love and attention. He is pretty much the best dad! I think I have mentioned before that he has been reading Harry Potter to the kids. We love story time! Ben is a great reader! He does all the voices and gets very into it. It is so fun to listen to him and to watch the excitement in the kids. Mostly just Jackson. Dutch has a harder time sitting still and listening. Though her and Jackson play Harry Potter all day long and she seems to know a lot about it. I love that my kids love Harry Potter. They love books! Here are some pictures of the family at story time. I uploaded instagram to Ben's i phone and played with it for the first time. I like it.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can I wear this???

So I moved AGAIN. Moving is the pits and really stresses me out for a long time before and after. During this move our camera finally gave out completely. To me no camera means no blogging. My husband has i phone so that all of the big moments have been captured. I don't know how to easily get those pictures from there to here. Especially since it is with him all day long and I can't play with it to figure it out. On the other hand I do not have an i phone. But my phone does have a camera. I capture lots of kid moments on it but the quality is not great. And it takes a lot of work to get the pictures on to my computer, so it's not something I really do. I also use it to take pictures of myself and send them to my sisters to ask if what I am wearing is acceptable. You see, I used to live with my sister and I got used to her being right there to tell me. Now I am not sure. I want to be stylish yet age appropriate. I wouldn't mind being a bit daring but I get nervous and just can't do it sometimes without a little push. I thought it would be fun to share. I usually send the pictures to my sisters Katie and Kallie. Kallie almost always tells me no and Katie almost always tells me yes. She actually tells me that she wouldn't but that I can. So I put it to you. Can I wear this? The top two I wore. The rest I didn't.

I wasn't sure about the bright earrings with the bright scarf. I was wearing really bright shoes that had both colors in them. 

My new circle scarf that my friend made me. I love it!

You can also wear part of it as a hood if you want. I wouldn't wear it  inside. If I was outside and it was chilly could I add the hood? It's not like it would add  that much warmth, but in the appropriate setting could I wear this?

This is Ben's shirt. I've seen pictures of women wearing men's shirts, but I just am not sure.

If I were to wear it do I tuck it in or belt it?